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Welcome to The Grace Edition, an effort to continue the legacy of Grace McKenna's tender and kind heart.

Grace exuded kindness, and her upbeat spirit, friendly disposition and sweetest smile are just a few of the many things we treasure about our girl.


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We are so glad you stopped in to visit We'd love to get you involved, and it's our hope that kindness will ripple through our community and to the world. Currently there are two ways to join:

Kindness Day: The Grace Edition


The Grace Race

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Kindness Day: The Grace Edition


In hopes of continuing the legacy of Grace's tender and kind heart, we have officially declared the 13th of every month a Day Of Kindness: The Grace Edition.

To participate, simply show kindness or generosity in some way on the 13th of any or every month. We have created photo cards to be used alongside your acts of kindness, and we can provide these cards to local friends. Or, you may use the image here to print your own.

So that we can see the amazing ways kindness is being shared and continue to celebrate Grace’s life, we encourage you to share a photo to this official “The Grace Edition” Facebook page or other social media outlets using the hashtag #thegraceedition

Grace McKenna’s Kindness Cards

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Grace Race

Saturday, October 5

Naperville, Illinois

Save the date - more information to come.


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